Date Night with the Devil! 


If you ever visit NYC, I insist you go find the closest Sarabeth’s (yes, choices) and get your brunch on! Or just go and get some afternoon tea, and by tea I mean their scones & preserves! (If you’re lucky they won’t run out… unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky this time) 

Karm & I visit this cute little restaurant every Monday evening for our traditional date ‘night’ and before you judge me over my weeknight parenting choices, it’s practically in his school’s backyard and 4 30 pm hardly qualifies as late! 
(So anyway…. here we are, waiting to be seated)

Hostess: is that table alright?

Me: Karmie… is that one ok? (He obsesses over booths so I usually make sure to avoid any drama) 

Karm: Okay Mother

Me (shocked) : Why are u talking like that?

Karm (smirking now): Talking like what MOTHER?

Me: Why are you calling me MOTHER???

Karm: Because it’s funny!!

Me: No it’s not, it makes me sound like I’m 60!!

Karm: Silly Mother!! That’s why it’s funny!!

(Yes, sorry I asked)

Chamomile Tea ☕️
Kids Pancakes 🥞

Thank you Sarabeth’s, at least the scones & pancakes are sweet. Always a treat! 

Sarabeth’s UES


5 thoughts on “Date Night with the Devil! 

  1. It reminds me how I used to trouble mamma (at an age when I still used to wet my bed and rarely shit my pants) after school at times to carry me in her arms from the school bus stop till home that used to be around 200 metres away.


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