All Pop No Fizzle!

Mango & Mezcal Margarita Pop! (with Mexican Chamoy Candy Spice)

After 3 weeks of enforced D-Tox from alcohol & boxing on doctor’s orders, I’m hoping to get back to normal soon. Though I have to admit that I absolutely loved every single second of doing nothing. In your face you Mexican Virus!!! But that’s not all I picked up from Mexico. Chamoy candy and a variety of Mezcals traveled all the way back to the east coast with me and I consider it my duty to show them a good time. 

Full disclosure :I’m more of an “on the rocks” over “frozen” kinda girl. But the temperature around here is rising a bit too much for comfort and my child’s popsicle obsession got me thinking outside the box. More like outside the cocktail shaker in this case. So while I was making him some fresh fruit pops, I decided to make myself some “grown up” ones. Best decision of my life. Wanna try one?

A little heads up: Alcohol has a different freezing point from water so these boozy pops don’t freeze as hard as your average juice pops. The texture is a lot more slushy and soft (making them that much nicer if you ask me, which you are since you’re reading this!) 


  • 1/3 cup chopped fresh mangoes 
  • 2 small cubes of ice. (Not those giant hand crafted ones) 
  • 1/4 oz Grand Marnier 
  • 1/4 oz lime juice 
  • 1 + 1/2 oz Mezcal 
  • Dash of your favorite hot sauce 
  • Chamoy candy spice for garnish and do not skip it. TRUST ME! (If you can’t get your hands on Chamoy, which is available on Amazon like every other thing in the world, try mixing a tbsp each of sugar, salt, paprika and a pinch of citric acid for a generic version of this one.) 


    1. In a blender, blend all of the ingredients except the Chamoy Spice. 
    2. Pour this mixture into a popsicle mold. Freeze overnight or at least 8 hours before eating (or drinking I guess!?) 

    Tip: Fill the mold almost to the rim leaving room for approximately 1 tbsp of water/canned mango juice. As water freezes a lot harder than fruit pulp/alcohol, adding water or juice on top near the handle will make pulling out the frozen pops a lot easier. 

    Don’t forget to sprinkle generously with Chamoy before you enjoy this boozy Pop! Cheers! 

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    2 thoughts on “All Pop No Fizzle!

    1. U r unbelievable. Don’t know u r a better writer or a better chef. Don’t ever leave writing. Awesome treat. U have a lot to cook when I m there. They say when fate hands u lemon turn it into lemonade. U did exactly that to your virus. Turned it into virusade. What a way to describe👏👏👏👏👏👌👌


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