Sparkle Up! 

The Monsoon Wedding

~Aamras (mango pulp) & Champagne Cocktail 

I have never been a major fan of Aamras. Or even mangoes, at least not the ripe kind. I can single-handedly take down about 5 raw mangoes in one sitting and still be craving some more. So I basically don’t get the point of letting them ripen. But then, I come from a land of 1,341,992,745 Billion people (yup, did my research!) who patiently wait all year for the great Lord Alphonso and they can’t all possibly be wrong! So as usual, the tiny little humble side of me has decided to keep my opinions to myself, and give Mr Aamras a fair chance to prove it’s versatility. 

Now, Aamras reminds me of monsoons, monsoons remind me of weddings, weddings remind me of Champagne, and of course Champagne reminds me of #cocktailfridays! So long story short (although it’s a bit late for that) here’s the recipe for a mango & Champagne cocktail that I call “The Monsoon Wedding”


  • Aamras (Indian style mango pulp that you can buy from your local Indian grocery store or if you’re currently in India you’re probably knee deep in it.) : 2 oz + extra for the rim 
  • Kinky Pink liqueur: 1/4 oz (or replace it with Cointreau if you can’t manage to find that)
  • Champagne / Sparkling wine: to top it off with 
  • A pinch of saffron mixed with 2 tbsp granulated sugar for the rim


      1. Pour some Aamras (the extra) into a saucer and dip the rim of a Champagne flute into it.
      2. Now dip the rim into the sugar & saffron mix. 
      3. Once the rim is ready, pour 2 oz of Aamras into the flute. Add the liqueur. 
      4. Finally top it off with Champagne / sparkling wine. 
      5. Sip or serve. 

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