Dosa Dress-up! 

Harissa & Haloumi Cheese Dosa

I do love a simple plain Dosa in all its natural glory but sometimes it’s like handing a blank canvas to an eccentric artist and saying “try not ruining it with ur art”! That probably is more of a fact and less of a metaphor in this case. 

So while there are a billion varieties of “off-beat” Dosas already making their mark around the globe (fine! I like throwing numbers out there without any real research whatsoever but my blog, my rules), here’s a list of my favorite few. (And I’d love to take a look at your list of favorites too. That kind of rhymes!) Followed by a recipe of my very own Harissa & Haloumi Cheese Dosa. 

Grish’s top 5 must try Dosas : 

  • White truffle Masala Dosa : Dosa San Francisco

  • Lamb Keema Dosai : Anjappar NYC

  • Milagaipodi Dosa : Sarvana Bhavan NYC

saravana bhavan nyc

  • Mysore Masala Dosa : Outside Sophia Polytechnic, Breach Candy, Mumbai  (not sure if it still exists but I dream of it from time to time)

  • Bhaji Dosa: Shiv Sagar, Kemps Corner, Mumbai

    If you haven’t already tried some of these, look them up 👆🏼, trust me & go give them a try. But before you do that, try giving my recipe a go because let’s get real, going to your kitchen is a lot more convenient. 

    Ingredients (makes about 2 small)

    • Dosa batter : 1 cup (unless you’re lucky enough to find some homemade batter, feel free to use the store bought kind. I did.) 
    • Butter : 2 tbsp 
    • Harissa sauce* : 3-4 tbsp 
    • Haloumi Cheese :4 oz, sliced 

      *My shortcut to Harissa sauce : mix 2 tbsp tomato paste, 2 tbsp red chili-garlic paste and 2 tbsp water  in a small saucepan and warm through. Season with salt, a tsp of paprika, a pinch of cumin powder and a dash of lime juice. Add a dollop of butter to make it rich. 


      • Heat the Dosa pan and spread out a ladle full of batter in a circle very evenly. ( 2 words: YouTube & Practice) 

      • Spread a tbsp of butter with a spatula once the batter starts to dry.
      • Add about 1 or 2 tbsp of the Harissa sauce and spread with the spatula.
      • Spread out the sliced Haloumi Cheese down the middle.

      • Once the Dosa starts to turn golden brown, roll the Dosa and serve with your choice of sauce /chutney!

      Some products and places 👇🏼


      2 thoughts on “Dosa Dress-up! 

      1. Kitchen isn’t possible. NYC is very far away for now. Mumbai will surely happen later if not sooner. For now, I solemnly vow to treat myself to a Maligaipodi Dosa of Saravana Bhavan when around it in the city next time. For the love of simplicity! 🙂


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