Fake It Till You Make It! 

PG Rated Tacos 

After he was born, while half the people in Karm’s life were concerned whether or not he may turn out to be a math genius (guess it’s the Asian thing), the other half were fairly confident about him kicking Arijit Singh’s butt one day! My only concern was, would he ever walk into a restaurant with me and order a steaming pot of mussels with a side of roasted Brussel sprouts! (And would I Ever sleep again! Okay, trying to focus on food here.)

And of course Mr Karma here decided to count before he could walk and hit some musical notes high enough to make Rahat himself proud! But all that he ever ate till he was about  2 and a half was Mush!! Nope, not homemade organic Mush. Mass produced bottled Mush! It wouldn’t have been too agonizing but his mother happens to be a chef with an occasional bout of low self-esteem! After another year of all things semi-mush, he moved on to Chicken nuggets. (No big surprise there Mr Ronald McDonald!) 

That very thing pushed me over the edge, as no child of mine was EVER going to be a McDonald junkie and that is when I came up with a plan! For each time he refused to indulge in real grown up food, I served him his favorite meals, dressed up in a whole new pretentious disguise. 

Now almost at 6, he’s the biggest food snob I know, but it took a lot of manipulations & craftiness on my part! So here’s a tip & trick that always works like a charm… Take their favorite foods and transform them into a grown up meal! Fake it till you make it! 

PG Rated Tacos  

~Chicken Tacos

 Ingredients for Chicken Tacos

  • Taco shells (hard/soft): 2 
  • Chicken Nuggets: 5 pieces (I used the organic frozen kind, baked in the toaster oven. Feel free to use your go-to kind) baked & sliced. 
  • Mixed salad: 1 cup, finely chopped & seasoned with salt, pepper & smoked paprika. (I used cabbage, lettuce, beets & tomatoes. But I suggest you use the veggies & spices that your kids prefer and I doubt if Mexico will hold that against you.) 
  • Shredded Cheese:1 cup (I used Pecorino Romano, because karm hates all other kinds of cheese.) Use your child’s favorite kind. Always helps. 


  1. In a taco shell, layer the chicken, salad and cheese according to your child’s taste. 
  2. Casually mention that it’s not for kids and only for the grown-ups, and watch the magic unfold. 

~French Fries Tacos

For all you vegetarians out there, if your children suffer from the attack of the fries, swap the chicken nuggets out for fries and stick with the rest of the ingredients, procedure and plan!   

Some of the products I used👇🏼




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