Breakfast Like a Queen!


Breakfast. It’s not just any meal. It’s the most important meal of the day. As if you haven’t heard that one before. Growing up I heard that theory every single day! But growing up I also suffered from a string of eating disorders thanks to my distorted body image issues and skipped more than just breakfast at times. I’ve learned the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle a very hard way and I’m not afraid to preach what I practice. 

That serious stuff being said, you would have to be completely out of your mind to skip breakfast if you ever turned up in Soho on a shopping spree or whatever it is that brings an obscene amount of people to Soho on any given day. (Including me.) Though I end up in Soho, literally to work my butt off, as it has taken me approximately 35 years to realize that skinny is NOT fit! 

My beautiful gym mate Clariza had to introduce me to this gorgeous local hangout post a crazy intense boxing session when I threatened to eat a heavy bag. With a great location like that and a healthy-yet-anything-but-boring menu, it turned out to be quite a win win kinda place. 

Delicatessen takes international comfort food to a whole different level. Eggs were cooked to perfection, whether it was my scrambled egg whites or Clariza’s sunny side up. Coffee was just divine, and I’m pretty judgmental when it comes to coffee. Also, had it not been 10 30 am on a Monday morning, I would have totally ordered one of those dirty martinis that the French tourist behind me was nursing. But we’re not just talking breakfast here. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails…. they do the whole hog! (except not literally the whole hog!

So don’t wait, and give them a try. You’ll probably find me on the next table awkwardly taking pictures of my delicious looking food.


4 thoughts on “Breakfast Like a Queen!

  1. This has me nervous. I am skinny & still young. No eating disorders though thankfully. Moreover, you have the legs and you flaunt them you say which means you have successfully overcome those life-sucking body image issues & that sure is not an easy journey at all. Kudos!


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