The Bubbly less tried! 

Matcha Green Tea


 I don’t care if it’s 70 degrees F out there or 50 degrees F because it’s officially Spring in the City and it’s time to say adios to that Chocolate caliente! Okay, who am I kidding, I’m still complaining about the weather. Every. Single. Day. But at least these beautiful, colorful, deliciously addictive cups of tea remind me that winter is history! 

Vivi, originally a Taiwanese Bubble Tea company, has been around in NYC for about 10 years, and they now have over 20 outlets all across the city. Lucky for me, because I’m absolutely addicted to their Green Tea Matcha 🍵 Milk! They are always happy to customize my drink and if you’re about as picky as I am, that right there, is a 5 star review!! 

And if you’re one of the other 90 percent, who run at the sight of milk, Vivi has a ginormous list of flavored teas, slushes, iced jelly teas, yakult & specialty drinks to choose from. But that’s not all you get to choose from. 👉🏻Some other questions you might be answering while out there will be 👇🏻

  • with or without the bubbles
  • hot or cold
  • small or large
  • sugar or sugar free
  • black or green tea 
  • and probably a lot more that I haven’t explored yet. (Because I’m addicted to that Matcha!!!)

So go find the closest Vivi and give these bubbles a try. I mean, how can you ever go wrong with bubbles?!!

Meanwhile on the far end of the UpperEast  Side, my child has been serving some ‘one of a kind’ knock-knock jokes for Dinner!

Karm: knock knock

Me: who’s there?

Karm: tea 

Me: tea who?

Karm: what’s the Matcha with your tea? 

(Err.. okay then!)


2 thoughts on “The Bubbly less tried! 

  1. The guys at Vivi are supremely lucky to have this supremely well-written blog post on their offerings. That brevity. So mean it. And the Karm joke cracked me up so bad after a long day xD

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