4 Beers & a Wisecrack!!!

Citrea Double IPA

I have finally found my happy place in the city. They call themselves the City Swiggers. I call them Fabulous! And here’s a really long list of reasons why you should head there the next time you find yourself in NYC. 

  1. Because Beer!
  2.  They have about 14 different kinds of Beer on Tap. 
  3. And about 3,500 beers in inventory, so far, and about 800 available on the shelves! 
  4. Yes… they have flights! (Not the airport kind duh)
  5. They will fill your growler. 
  6. They will sell you a growler if you don’t own one.
  7. Prefer to drink at home? So do your thing, because it’s also a store and you can get your beer to go and drink it at your convenience. 
  8. You don’t need to make reservations months in advance because they have 30 seats with some tables. 
  9. Yay…It’s on the upper east side! (Hey that’s my home so that’s reason enough)
  10. You could start drinking at lunchtime. (You know you want to!) 
  11. You can buy some yummy munchies (flavored organic nuts and such) while you get that beer tasting done. 
  12. They have the most glorious beer mug/glass/tumbler wall of fame which I find absolutely instaworthy! (It proudly displays a Kingfisher glass by the way) 

The Great Beer Wall

    Sea Salt Ale

    But don’t take my word for it… try them out yourself, while I get busy tasting my latest finds!

    Road Jam

    (So while I’m clicking some beer bottle pictures)
    Karm: Mom, can I edit that picture?
    Me: Not this one love. This one’s for the blog and that’s work. (We have a basic understanding, where I say the word ‘work’ and he’s supposed to back off. Which absolutely never happens so he decided to continue!)
    Karm: (Going bug-eyed) Mummy…. why don’t you change your job from being a chef to being a photographer?? Because you just love taking pictures!!! A lot!!! All the time !!! 
    Me (feeling slightly defensive because that’s seriously not what I do all the time, but this kid is a bloody genius so I kind of admit): You know what Karmie… that’s a brilliant idea! Maybe I should take a class in photography and then take pictures of food professionally!!! (clearly day dreaming already) 
    Karm: (cracking up) Ya!! You could be a Foodtographer!!!! 

    On that note…. Cheers 🍻… Oh and don’t forget to check them out! 


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